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Maintenance guide

Maintenance and daily cleaning of unit fronts and doors:


Please note that wood/veneer is natural product that may vary from trunk to trunk – both in terms of structure and colour. Certain differences in tone must therefore be expected. It is important to order materials for the entire order at the same time. For any additional orders/reorders, one of the previously supplied unit fronts or doors should be sent to us as a sample.


A finished surface does not require maintenance and can simply be wiped with a clean, damp cloth. No abrasive cleaning products should be used. If the surface is damaged, this can only be rectified by refinishing the door. A dark finish (e.g. black oak) is usually stained and then finished with three coats of varnish. If the surface is damaged – either during assembly or in use – the pale wood will appear. This can easily be treated/repaired with varnish.


Edging or handle strips are products made of solid wood. These will always have a different look to the veneer front. Differences in appearance should therefore be expected.


The leather used is 80% recycled real leather and 20% natural latex. This combination provides a very strong and dirt-resistant product.
Daily cleaning should be done with a clean, camp cloth.
Food containing strong colourings such as coffee, red wine, beetroot, curry etc. may stain the leather if it is not wiped away immediately (this, of course, applies especially to white leather).
Stains should be carefully cleaned with ethanol and a clean cloth.


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