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Om Frontego​​

Frontego was set up in 1990 and started off by manufacturing table tops in solid wood.
We are now a company producing unit fronts and doors for kitchens and bathrooms and shelving and canopies in veneer or laminate to order.

We are subcontractors to several well-known kitchen companies for whom we produce laminate and veneer doors.

To achieve a consistent style for the home we supply unit sides, shelving, louvered cabinets etc. to order.

With our state-of-the-art machinery that is continuously updated we offer flexible production to meet the specific requirements of our customers and partners.


Frontego aims to offer quality products for the kitchen and interior design industry. Frontego believes in close partnerships with customers. Our key concepts are commitment, service excellence and high quality.

Frontego wishes to provide customised solutions and aims at all times to be a flexible supplier.

Frontego focuses on product development and ensures that its products are at the forefront of the future. The company aims to develop products that differentiate it in the marketplace – and thereby provide the end user with a unique offering.

Frontegos værdier​

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Frontego A/S

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Furvej 2

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Telephone: 97 71 01 88 

Fax: 97 71 01 89